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Ardmay House UK International Summer School Scotland Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries do your students come from?

Our students come from all over the world and we have a very varied nationality mix. In the past we have welcomed students from the following countries:

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Scotland, United States, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway.

We work hard to ensure that no one particular nationality dominates.

My child is 7 years old, are they able to attend?

Although our minimum age is normally 8 years old, on discussion with the parents we may be able to welcome 7 year old students.

My child has special dietary requirements, is this a problem?

This is not a problem. We cater to all dietary requirements, ranging from vegetarian and halal to wheat-free, dairy-free, allergies and intolerances. We ask that you highlight any special dietary requirements on the ‘Medical/Dietary Requirements Form’ which you will receive upon booking.

I would like to bring a group to AHISS, is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. During the summer school, we accept a maximum of 10 students per group to ensure that we have a good mix of language backgrounds and nationalities, however we offer year-round bespoke Group Programmes for groups of 25 – 65 students throughout the year. For more information about our Group Programmes please visit our ‘Year-Round Group Programme’ section of the website.

How long do students normally attend the summer school for?

Most students attend for 2 – 3 weeks, however students are welcome to attend for a minimum of 1 week up to the full 6 week duration of the summer school.

What is the maximum number of students at AHISS?

We are a small summer school with a maximum of 50 students per week. This ensures that all students receive personal attention and we are able to create a family atmosphere in the house.

What is the average age of your students?

Students from 8 – 16 years old are welcome, and we usually have two distinct groups of children (8 – 12) and teenagers (13 – 16).

How many students are in a class/activity group?

Classes have a maximum of 12 students however there is an average of 8 students per class. There is a maximum of 10 students per activity group for Adventure Activities.

How do you decide what level of class my child will go into?

On their first day of classes students sit an English language test. There is a reading, speaking and listening component to this test however we stress to students that this is not an exam and we try to create a relaxed environment.

We operate a class mobility policy where our teachers will meet each week and decide if any student should be moved up to the next class level.

My child is coming with a friend/sibling, will they be in the same bedroom?

If they are the same sex and you request that they are in the same bedroom, yes. If they are different sexes then this is not possible as we have one side of the house for girls and one for boys. You can also request for siblings to be separated for classes and in bedrooms.

How do you ensure my child will speak in English and monitor their improvement?

We work hard to ensure that we have a completely immersive English speaking environment. We employ our own Group Leaders to take part in lessons and all activities with the students and make sure that they are speaking in English at all times.

We also limit the number of students from each language group to make sure that we have a diverse mix of nationalities and again to ensure that our students are speaking in English.

All students have a Personal Learning Plan which they discuss with their teacher at the beginning of the course. We look at their strengths and areas for improvement at the start of the course, at the half-way point and at the end of the course. Students are given a full report from their teacher at the end of the course to take home.

Will my child be looked after when they are at AHISS?

Yes, our safety and welfare provision were highlighted as points of excellence in our latest ABLS inspection. For further information, please visit the ‘Safety and Welfare’ section of our website.

I have heard that the Scottish accent is very strong, will my child be able to understand?

Yes! There are common misconceptions about the Scottish accent, however official statistics state that it is one of the clearest pronunciations of the English language in the world. Our teachers and instructors are all native speakers, and come from all over the United Kingdom.

Scottish people are very friendly and love to talk, so in coming to Scotland students have real opportunities to speak to local people and try out the English that they have learnt in real-life situations.